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Pyrolytic Boron Nitride

PBN’s properties, its intrinsic purity, superior mechanical strength, and thermal stability make it a superb choice for high temperature furnace and electrical components; microwave and semiconductor components; and industry standardised crucibles for gallium arsenide crystal (GAN) production.

Other properties featured in our Performance PBN include: Good thermal conductivity, High insulation resistance, High dielectric strength over wide temperature ranges., Extremely pure, Non-wetting, Non-toxic, Non-reactive to most other compounds, Withstands high temperatures and rapid cooling

PBN will not react with acids, alkalis, organic solvents, molten metals, or Graphite. Bulk impurity levels are less than 100 parts per million with metallic impurities less than 10 parts per million. It withstands 1800° C in vacuum and 2000° C in nitrogen, showing no melting point, making it an excellent choice for furnace components, and melting vessels. Crucibles heated to 1200°C can be plunged into liquid nitrogen without visible damage. PBN-coated graphite heating elements provide extremely uniform temperature profiles for both compound and silicon semiconductor manufacturing.

Thermic Edge Graphite Products

Stability and strength up to 3200°C

Graphite is used in such high-temperature processes as the production of phosphorus and calcium carbide in arc furnaces

Resistant to Thermal Shock and High Melting Point

With graphite's extremely high melting point, a manufacturer cannot go wrong by catering to the chemical industry

Excellent Electrical Conductivity

Used to conduct electricity in some aqueous electrolytic processes like the production of halogens like chlorine and fluorine. High purity electrographite is well-suited to the nuclear industry because of its low absorption of neutrons

Bespoke Ultra High Vacuum Furnaces

Laboratory Vacuum Furnace

Quality is at the heart of every project we work on. We provide end-to-end design, manufacture, and testing service working to bespoke or standardized specifications depending on industry or application. Our team of highly experienced engineers works closely with you, right up until delivery.

Laboratory Vacuum Furnace
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