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At Thermic Edge, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the vacuum furnace industry. Providing a complete service, our bespoke versatile ranges gives you the tools necessary for any application.

Vacuum Furnace Additional Options and Customisation

Custom Hot Zones & Chambers

All our vacuum furnaces are customizable allowing us to cater to the needs of our customers and their exact requirements. We can do this by adjusting the hot zones from our standard sizes to include dual hot zones or cater to hold a specific size sample. We can also customise the water-cooled chamber by adding ports to allow for extra data analysis in the form of extra hot zone thermocouples, internal crucible thermocouples, residual gas analysers (RGA’s), pyrometers and more.

Vacuum Pump (Pumping Options)

The standard laboratory vacuum furnace is fitted with an Edwards RV8 vacuum pump allowing the system pump down to a rough vacuum of 5×10 ̄²mBar on a well condition system.

For systems that require higher vacuum we have two of the following options:

Option 1

  • Oil Diffusion
  • Cold trap
  • Pneumatically driven butterfly valve
  • High pressure, colour display, vacuum gauge with automatic pump change over set point
  • Ultimate pressure 5×10 ̄⁷mBar

Option 2

  • Turbo pump
  • Automatic control bellows valves
  • High pressure colour displays vacuum gauge with automatic pump change over set point
  • Ultimate pressure 5×10 ̄⁸mBar

Gas Supply Options

Our standard labratory vacuum furnace offers two gas supplies into the chamber allowing the use of a vent gas, into the top of the chamber, and also a process gas feeding directly into the hot zone. Both gas flows are manually controlled with flow meters mounted on the front of the chamber and typically Argon is used for the pump down proceedure and venting whilst other gases can be used for processing. Our Benchtop furnace uses a single gas input into the hot zone acting as both vent gas and process gas with the flow also manually controlled.

To offer a variety of gasses to be fed into the ‘process gas’ line of the laboratory vacuum furnace and the single supply on the benchtop furnace we offer a Gas Supply Box which allows for multiple gasses to be connected and only a single gas supplied into the rear of the furnace. Still using the manual flow control on each furnace, the Gas Supply Box allows the user to switch between different process gasses during their heating process all controlled by the HMI touchscreen.

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