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Vacuum Heaters

At Thermic Edge, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the vacuum furnace industry. Providing a complete service, our bespoke versatile ranges gives you the tools necessary for any application.

Bespoke Heaters

Thermic Edge specialises in providing bespoke solutions for heating applications that cannot be fulfilled using standard heaters and stages. These heaters can be any shape to suit your application.

Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Customisable shape
  • Small and large diameter heaters
  • Tubular heaters
  • Rectangular heaters
  • Materials to suit application and environment
  • Top plates with RF or DC bias. See more on biasing here
  • Water cooling
  • Gas cooling
  • Temperatures up to 1900°C

Sample Biasing

Thermic Edge can provide heaters with RF sample bias up to 1000W and DC sample bias up to 1000W for sample preparation and to improve the quality and purity of thin films.

Where the option of RF or DC biasing is required, Thermic Edge will also provide airside RF shielded cabling and filters.

We also produce biased hot stages, with sample rotation, tilting, and automatic or manual sample transfer.


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