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At Thermic Edge, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the vacuum furnace industry. Providing a complete service, our bespoke versatile ranges gives you the tools necessary for any application.

Tungsten Vacuum Furnaces

Laboratory Vacuum Furnaces with Tungsten crucible or flat sample hot zones for thermal processing, heat treatment, annealing & vacuum sintering in Vacuum, Nitrogen or Hydrogen environments.

Thermic Edge laboratory vacuum furnaces offer a range of Tungsten hot zones to suit a variety of uses. Using the same set up as the graphite furnaces the Tungsten furnace range has an ultimate vacuum of 5×10 ̄²mBar whilst able to operate at atmospheric pressure in an inert atmosphere.

Tungsten crucible furnaces are also available using mesh style elements in two sizes:

  • Large Crucible Ø150 x 75mm
  • Extra Large Crucible Ø80 x 140mm


  • Temperatures up to 2600˚c
  • Base pressure <5×10 ̄²mBar
  • Automatic pump purge sequence to remove residual Oxygen
  • Ramp rate ≈ 120˚c/min
  • Processing in vacuum & atmospheric pressure
  • Laptop PC for full data logging and multi-step programmable thermal process control
  • Top loading furnace chamber
  • Fully water-cooled furnace, stainless steel chamber and lid
  • Electrically driven lid with interlock sensors
  • Crucible & wafer / flat sample heating
  • Simple & safe operation with full protection interlocks, ideal for Universities or inexperienced operators
  • Fully interlocked system providing safety for both user and system
  • Semi-Automatic control via HMI Touchscreen
  • Colour display combined Micro Pirani/piezo gauge
  • Light weight DC switch mode power supplies (no bulky transformers)
  • DC power supply controlled via Eurotherm Nanodac
  • High performance and responsive control
  • Manual pressure and gas flow rate regulation with automatic over pressure release valve
  • Compact design, lightweight & small footprint, but large hot zones

Standard Range


2000°c Large Laboratory Vacuum Furnace with Tungsten Hot Zone Crucible Furnace, 5kW DC PSU.
Tungsten Hot Zone – Ø150 x 75mm

2000°c Extra Large Laboratory Vacuum Furnace with Tungsten Hot Zone Crucible Furnace, 20kW DC PSU.
Graphite Hot Zone – Ø80 x 140mm


4” Tungsten Hot Zone, 5kW DC PSU

6” Tungsten Hot Zone, 10kW DC PSU

8” Tungsten Hot Zone, 15kW DC PSU

Additional Options

  • Diffusion High Vacuum Pump (Ultimate Vacuum 5×10 ̄⁷mBar)
  • Turbo Pump (Ultimate Vacuum 5×10 ̄⁸mBar)
  • Additional process gas options
  • Pyrometer – Auto change over
  • Water chiller
  • Hot zone thermocouples

Hot Zones

The Tungsten Laboratory Vacuum furnaces are available with either crucible or wafer sample heating. For wafer sample heating a simple flat element is housed in a Tungsten body with radial heat shielding. For crucible heating the hot zone is heated using a Tungsten Mesh element with heat shield provided by Tungsten foil sheets.

System Operations & Functions

Thermic Edge’s range of laboratory vacuum furnaces provide a user-friendly interface promoting their ease of use via modern touchscreen HMI display which allows control of all furnace pumping, gas processing and venting features. With multiple screens for operation, interlock displays and valve states.

The HMI allows the user to control the automated pump down sequence which is designed to remove residual oxygen from the chamber and intern increasing the life of the hot zone and avoiding the possibility of oxidation occurring.

Two independent gas inputs are also controlled via the arm mounted HMI with their individual flows manually adjusted to the user’s requirements. Pumping speeds are also regulated manually via a Speedi valve mounted on the front of the vacuum furnace.

Temperature and datalogging are controlled via a Eurotherm Nanodac PID temperature controller / data logger which can be connected to a remote PC for data analysis. Software is provided to allow for multi-step process cycles to be programmed allowing for simple repeat testing and easy adjustment to programs.

The fully water-cooled vacuum chamber and power feedthroughs keep the exterior of the chamber at ambient temperature and preventing overheating, allowing for extended periods of operation.

Service Requirements

All laboratory vacuum furnaces require a 3 phase electrical supply, chilled water supply and drain, Argon gas for venting, process gas supplies and exhaust line.


  • Total Supply Power : 6kva, 415v 3 phase
  • Water Connections: – ¾” BSPT threaded ends to both flow and return.
  • Flow rate min: 6 litres / min of water @ ambient temperature
  • Process gas inlet: ¼ Swagelok line with VCR Swagelok valve
  • Vent inlet: ¼ Swagelok line with VCR Swagelok valve.
  • For Pneumatics (if fitted) – 60 – 80 psi. compressed air – 6mm push fit.
  • N2/ Ar supply for venting/processing – <40 psi – ¼” Swagelok fitting
  • Pumping port size: 2.75” CF – KF25 adapter
  • System height (lid closed): 1140mm
  • System width: 1120mm
  • System depth: 720mm (Measured from rotameter knobs to water supply pipes
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