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At Thermic Edge, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the vacuum furnace industry. Providing a complete service, our bespoke versatile ranges gives you the tools necessary for any application.

Linear Motion and Rotation

Thermic Edge have developed a full range of standard linear manipulators and rotary feedthroughs which can be used to fulfil most sample heater stage requirements, making for a cost-effective solution. They can be used for sample rotation, heater rotation, sample transfer and sample / heater to source positioning.

We will happily incorporate our customers’ motors and preferred temperature controllers if required. The stage can be run manually, or it can easily be integrated into the systems’ PLC control.

This large travelling platform design can accommodate a single bellows size up to ø93.0mm (internal, through bore) or multiple DN16-35/40CF bellows (3x max) for varying feedthroughs.

Linear manipulators of this style can be fitted with varying positional encoders and scales upon request. They can be configured with mounting flanges ranging from DN2022-350CF (Conflat) or ISO200-400K/F (ISO clamped/bolted) and standard strokes of either 50,100 or 250mm.

Upon request, our in-house design and engineering team can accommodate larger flange sizes and/or increased stroke lengths (up to 1000mm) as well as top flange X-alignment and tilting configurations, to suit your individual requirements.


  • Standard linear shifts with travel up to 250 mm (10”)
  • Manual (handwheel) or motor driven
  • Sample rotation through central shaft or outer cradle
  • Cost-¬effective Viton® sealed rotary feedthroughs for high vacuum applications
  • Magnetic and ferrofluidic rotary feedthroughs for UHV systems
  • Rotary joints for water / gas cooled heaters with rotating heater head
  • Sample transfer solutions using high precision positioning motors
  • Fully customisable with complete bespoke solutions available
  • Built and tested in the UK

Our Standard Linear Manipulator is fabricated from a pair of Conflat flanges, connected by edge welded bellows. Aluminium yolks offer strength and stability whilst keeping the assembly lightweight. It’s design, unlike many others, includes two guide bars which straddle the bellows assembly. This reduces the bending motion on the travelling flange yolk and alleviates the twisting stress on the lead screw when load is applied, allowing for the travelling flange to move towards the fixed flange in a controlled, precise motion as well as maintaining parallelism between the two flanges and minimal wear on the lead screw.

All manual Standard Linear Manipulators are installed with a metric/imperial digital linear scale with 100 µm resolution. The design includes mounts for either digital encoders or limit switches which can be added upon request.

The use of high-quality stainless-steel linear bearings (low friction coefficients) and Igus® guides ensure the smoothest operation coupled with a longer life span.

Where standard Z-shifts cannot be used, Thermic Edge can build the Z-shift odd the stage flange, as shown to the right. This design includes three guide bars, which make it self-supportive and therefore do not rely on the lead screw for rigidity (anti-deflection/rotation).


Feedthrough Configuration

Our Rotary / Linear feedthroughs comprise a central shaft sealed with Viton® seals, supported with Igus® bearings and encompassed in a robust stainless-steel flanged housing.
The profile of the Viton seals ensures a secure vacuum for both rotary and linear movement is formed with minimal compression, making them both highly versatile and reliable.

All feedthroughs can be configured with the following;

  • Handles/knobs for manual manipulation
  • Pneumatic rotary actuator for rotation
  • (Stepper / Servo) Motor for rotation
  • Pneumatic, motorised or solenoid actuators for linear manipulation
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