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At Thermic Edge, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the vacuum heating industry. Providing a complete service, our bespoke versatile ranges give you the tools necessary for any application.

Elements Overview

To accommodate our customers’ needs Thermic Edge provide a wide range of resistance heating elements for high temperature heaters. These elements are available to be purchased from our standard designs or produce bespoke designs to suit your specific requirements.

If you require any assistance in selection or would like to discuss your requirement, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Element Type Mass Air Inert Gas Environment Corrosive Environment High Vacuum Ultra High Vacuum
Graphite Elements Low Not suitable 2100°C Yes 2100°C 1600°C
SiC Coated Elements Low 1500°C 1600°C Yes 1500°C 1200°C
PG-PBN Elements Low 500°C 1500°C Yes 1300°C 1100°C

Elements in Ceramic Housing

Thermic Edge offers, for every element, the option to include a ceramic insulation housing for the element to sit in. Providing both protection and electrical isolation for resistance elements when integrated into the customer’s system. This is of particular use when space is limited within the customer’s process, or where heating is required in two directions above and below the element.

The housing is made to suit the element and is manufactured from ceramic, which is suited to the customer’s process, considering the environment, vacuum level, maximum temperature, and ramp rate required.

Graphite Elements

Element TypeMassAirInert EnvironmentCorrosive EnvironmentHigh VacuumUltra High Vacuum
GraphiteLowNot suitable2100°CYes2100°C1600°C

High-density graphite is ideal for vacuum heating elements.

The graphite elements are highly inert and the material actually increases in strength as it becomes hotter. Another feature of the material is that it has a low expansion coefficient and is resistant to degrading due to constant heat cycling therefore, it has a good lifespan in this respect and a relatively fast ramp rate.

The elements are made from blocks of high purity graphite and with the correct material selection the graphite can be machined into detailed forms for one-off or low volume batches. If you can not find your requirement in the stock items below or the gallery then please contact us to discuss your requirement further. The designs can be of a 3D nature to produce a tubular heater or flat as required.

Alternatively, we can design elements or work from existing drawings. Thermic Edge can provide Silicon Carbide coated elements or Titanium Carbide coating to further enhance these elements in terms of purity and using graphite in air.

Silicon Carbide Elements

Element TypeMassAirInert EnvironmentCorrosive EnvironmentHigh VacuumUltra High Vacuum
SiC Coated GraphiteLow1600°C1600°CYes1600°C1100°C

Thermic Edge has developed a range of standard Silicon Carbide Coating (SiC) coated Graphite elements to provide a low-cost solution for high-temperature heating in O2 and corrosive environments. SiC coating is suitable for use in Oxygen environments up to 1600°C and in High Vacuum up to 1000°C. The Sic coating is fully compatible with Hydrogen and inert gas environments.

The graphite elements are simple to mount, with two M14 threaded sections, allowing for stress relief of the main element. An M5 female threaded hole is provided on each power leg to allow connection to the customer’s power source, via ring terminals or busbars. The electrical connection is made at the base of the element against exposed graphite, which is kept outside of the hot zone of the element, eliminating the risk of a reaction between the power connection and the exposed graphite.

Thermic Edge is also able to offer customized SiC coated elements to suit existing systems. For more information or to discuss a requirement, please contact our sales team who will be able to assist in identifying a suitable solution.

Thermic Edge offers a range of standard PB/PBN heaters along with custom sizes/designs to suit customer specifications.


Element RefAvailabilityHot Zone Sizes (mm dia)Size (mm)Height (mm)Connection Point Distance (mm)Estimated Power for shielded element at 1000°C (Watts)
GS-FC-1.1To order25.4mm30.02.127.9200
GS-FC-2.1To order50.8mm67.02.168.4900
GS-FC-3.1To order76.2mm95.02.192.51700
GS-FC-4.1To order101.6mm134.43.1130.73500
GS-FC-5.1To order127.0mm150.23.1146.84200
GS-FC-6.1To order152.4mm166.03.1162.95100
GS-FC-7.1To order177.8mm193.03.1176.26900
GS-FC-8.1To order203.2mm220.03.1189.49000


Element RefAvailabilityHot Zone Sizes (mm dia)Size (mm)Height (mm)Connection Point Distance (mm)Estimated Power for shielded element at 1000°C (Watts)
GS-AC-1.1To order25.4mm30.037.527.9200
GS-AC-4.1To order101.6mm134.438.5130.73500
GS-AC-5.1To order127.0mm150.238.5146.84200
GS-AC-7.1To order177.8mm193.038.5176.27000
GS-AC-8.1To order203.2mm220.038.518948800


pBN-PG-PBN Elements

Element TypeMassAirGas EnvironmentCorrosive EnvironmentHigh VacuumUltra-High Vacuum
PG PBNLow500°C1500°CYes1600°C1200°C

CVD PG/PBN heaters can operate up to 1500c maximum temperature, with very fast ramp rates, low mass and chemically very inert to corrosive gasses and liquids and can withstand most molten metals. These heaters are also thermally shock resistant, mechanically durable, and have very high power density, up to 35 watts/cm² (225 watts/in²). The layered CVD pyrolytic structure also gives the PG/PBN element very high thermal uniformity, on the PBN substrate side (opposite side to the element track). Samples can be placed directly onto the element surface.

Suitable for use in UHV, High vacuum or Air (PBN to 900C, exposed PG power pads to 500C) and suitable for deposition process.

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